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14 December 2012

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The start of the academic year 2012/13 has been hugely positive for staff and students alike. We were joined by four new members of staff, all of them appointed to entirely new posts. This is the best indication that our Department is thriving, able to provide a hugely vibrant atmosphere that assures excellence in teaching and learning. Newly appointed in the second quarter of last academic year were also three members of the administrative team, enabling us to provide the very best service to our students and support to our staff.

The past academic year has seen a number of staff and student-led innovations that all have become fixtures in the calendar for the next few years. The first year BSc students were taken to an away-camp in February, accompanied by a number of staff. This year we are again looking forward to the camp which will be in the same location and at the same time, albeit with some new staff who are all eager not to miss out on what was a most enjoyable and enriching event for both staff and students. Second year students re-invigorrated the Anthropology Society last academic year. We already have had two very successful debates between members of staff organised by the society this academic year (featured on page 13) and are looking forward to further events.

It is to the great credit of our staff and students that almost half of our students left College in June with First Class degrees,  that two of our students were put forward to the Dean's list, and that the remaining students were awarded good and very good Upper Second class degree results. We are rejoicing in the success  of our students and are looking ahead to the new calender year with confidence and a desire to match these results during this academic year or even improve them.

I wish you all a very happy and productive year.

Professor Susanne Kuechler
Head of Department

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