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Radical Anthropology Talks

Tuesdays 6.45-8.30pm
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton Street
Tube: Euston or Euston Square

Info: radicalanthropologygroup.org @radicalanthro Facebook

Language, art, music and symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, culminating in a symbolic explosion or ‘human revolution’ whose echoes can still be heard in myths and cultural traditions from around the world. These talks are a general introduction to social and biological anthropology, ranging over fields as diverse as hunter-gatherer studies, mythology, primatology, archaeology and archaeo-astronomy. Radical Anthropology brings indigenous rights activists, environmentalists, feminists and others striving for a better world together with people of all ages who just want to learn about anthropology. There is always time for discussion after each talk and there are good local pubs for those wishing to socialise into the evening.

Spring 2020 - Myths, both scientific and magical

January 14 Chris Knight
Why patriarchy? The origins of gender inequality

January 21 Camilla Power
Laughing at the gods: Bushman Trickster tales

January 28 Chris Knight
How to lose an argument with Noam Chomsky

February 4 Chris Knight
The eme­rgence of language in our species

February 11 Mark Jamieson
Competition and prestige among 1950s New York teenage vocal groups

­­February 18 Ivan Tacey
Floods, blood and thunder: The politics of the rainbow snake

February 25 Alicia Colson
Dulling our senses: neoliberalism and the archaeological imagination

March 3 Chris Knight
An Arapaho myth: The wives of the Sun and Moon

March 10 Rebecca Sears
Dispelling the myth of the nuclear family

March 17 Volker Sommer
My life as a primate. Tracing the turns of anthropology

March 24 Chris Knight
An Amazonian Myth: What Went Wrong When Patriarchy Arrived

March 31 Thea Skanes
Power objects: Women’s spirits as generators of time among the Hadza