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Material, Visual and Digital Culture Research Seminars

Mondays 5-6:30 pm

Online - MS Teams (open for all)

The online seminars will take place on Microsoft Teams and you can join the team here to get access to all of the seminars (once you join the team, go to the Material Visual and Digital Culture channel). The term 2 series is co-convened with the Public Anthropology section.

Spring 2021

18 January Christopher Pinney (UCL)
Contingency, Futurity and Ethics: Photographic Ethnographies from Nepal, Bangladesh and India

25 January Zeynep Devrim Gursel (Rutgers)
Portraits of Unbelonging: Photography, the Ottoman State and the Making of Armenian Emigrants

1 February Dieter Deswarte (UCL)
Collaborative Films to Tackle Social Stigma

8 February Marc Isaacs (UCL)
Staging the Real

Reading Week

22 February Theodora Sutton (Oxford)
Textures of Digital Detoxing

1 March Daniel Fisher (Berkeley)
Fire's Image: Media, Catastrophe, and the Politics of Apprehension

8 March Diana Vonnak (UCL)
Creativity and the Infrastructural Constraints of Curatorial Practice in Lviv’s Museums

15 March Sahana Udupa (Munich)
Anthropological Home/Field: The Dilemmas of Networked Data Relations

22 March Manal Massalha
Geographies of Hope: Reflections on an Ethnographic and Photographic Practice


Seminar Convenors: Rik Adriaans r.adriaans@ucl.ac.uk and Michael Stewart m.stewart@ucl.ac.uk