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Narantuya Chuluunbat

Dr. Narantuya Chuluunbat is a professor at the Economics Department of the National University of Mongolia (NUM). She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Microeconomics, Economic Development, Public Sector Economics, New Institutional Economics. Her research interests include political economy, transition, public finance, institutions and governance. Her most recent research is related to fiscal accountability mechanism in Mongolia, macroeconomic policy wiggle room, and measuring the transaction costs of small and medium enterprises in Mongolia.

Dr. Narantuya Chuluunbat currently holds a Vice President for Finance and Development position at the NUM. She is a member of the Research and Innovation Policy Council of the NUM and a member of the Academic Council of the School of Arts and Sciences of the NUM.

Dr. Narantuya Chuluunbat serves as a permanent member of the Doctoral Defense Committees in Economics and in Public Administration. She is a member of the Economic Council with the Office of the Prime Minister of Mongolia. She also serves as Advisory Board member of the Economic Research Institute and Board member of the Mongolia-South Korea Economic Council.

Narantuya Chuluunbat received her PhD in Policy Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA. Her doctoral research was on the political and economic transition in Mongolia in 1990-1996. She also studied at the Moscow State University, Russia and the University of Sydney, Australia.

Email: cnarantuya28@yahoo.com

Narantuya Chuluunbat