UCL Anthropology


Research Team 'Democratic Cultures in South Asia' and Field Sites


Dr Lucia Michelutti -  UCL, Department of Anthropology


Dr Ashraf Hoque (University College London) - Bangladesh

Dr Nicolas Martin (University College London) - North India (Punjab)

Dr Lucia Michelutti (University College London) - North India, Uttar Pradesh

Dr David Picherit  (University College London) - South India (Andhra Pradesh)

Dr Anastasia Piliavsky (King's College Cambridge) - North West India (Rajasthan)

Dr Paul Rollier (University College London) - Pakistan (Punjab)

Professor Arild Ruud (University of Oslo) - Bangladesh

Dr Clarinda Still (University of Oxford) - South India (Andhra Pradesh)


Professor Thomas Blom Hansen (Stanford University) - Western India (Maharashtra)

Professor Paul Brass (University of Washington, Seattle Washington) - North India (Uttar Pradesh)

Shashank Chaturvedi (JNU, India) - North India (Uttar Pradesh)

Professor David Gellner (University of Oxford) - India/Nepal border

Professor Barbara Harriss-White (University of Oxford) - India

Dr Sondra Hausner (University of Oxford) - North India

Dr Beatrice Jauregui (University of Cambridge) - North India (Uttar Pradesh)

Dr Hassan Javid (LUMS, Lahore) - Pakistan (Punjab)

Dr Morten Koch Andersen (Dignity Institute, Denmark) - Bangladesh

Sanjay Kumar (CSDS, India) - India

Professor Mobasser Monem (University of Dhaka) - Bangladesh

Professor Sanjay Kumar Pandey (JNU, India) -- North India (Uttar Pradesh)

Dr Nobert Peabody (University of Cambridge) - North West India (Rajasthan)

Dr Indrajit Roy (University of Oxford) - India (Gujarat and Bihar)

Guro Samuelsen (University of Oslo) - India

Dr Andrew Sanchez (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology) - North India (Jharkhand)

Dr Tone Sissener (University of Bergen) - Bangladesh and West Bengal


Professor John Dunn (King's College Cambridge)

Dr Peter Evans (Senior Governance Adviser Dfid-India)

Professor David Gilmartin (North Carolina State University)

Professor Jonathan Parry (London School of Economics) 

Professor Pamela Price (University of Oslo)

Professor John Sidel (London School of Economics)

Professor Steven Wilkinson (Yale University)