UCL Anthropology


Postgraduate Courses 2019-20

The anthropology department offers a wide variety of optional courses for master's students. Many of these are open for all students, independent of their individual programme, as we strive to promote a broad-based approach to our discipline.

Still, some restrictions apply. For example, students in the MSc in Human Evolution and Behaviour (MScHEB) can only take course-specific modules, which, however, also include options run by the Department of Archaeology. Moreover, students not enrolled in the MScHEB can only take these specific modules if they have a science-based first degree and if individual module tutors allow that.

Many optional master's courses are 1.5-2 hour specialist seminars, although some are lab-based practicals. Moreover, many courses come with associated lectures that we advise to attend, as they are open to both postgraduate and undergraduate students. The master's-only seminars will normally assume knowledge of the material presented in these open lectures, and deal with the issues raised at a more advanced level.

Options are assessed by a variety of means, including essays, exams, tests or course-specific project portfolios such as lab-books or films.

Students are advised to discuss the best suited choice of options with their individual programme tutors.

Term 1 Options

  • ANTH0012 - Palaeoanthropology
  • ANTH0022 - The Anthropology of Social Media
  • ANTH0026 - Social Construction of Landscapes
  • ANTH0028 - Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANTH0029 - The Anthropology of Nationalism, Ethnicity and Race
  • ANTH0041 - Temporality, Consciousness and Everyday Life
  • ANTH0043 - Transforming and Creating Worlds: Anthropological Perspectives on Techniques and Technology
  • ANTH0048 - The Anthropology of Islam in Diaspora
  • ANTH0049 - Anthropology of Capitalisms
  • ANTH0060 - Primate Socioecology
  • ANTH0069 - Ethnography of Forest People
  • ANTH0073 - Digital Infrastructure: Materiality, Information and Politics
  • ANTH0074 - Art in the Public Sphere
  • ANTH0075 - Current Themes in Social Anthropology: The Anthropology of Violent Aftermaths
  • ANTH0079 - Aspects of Applied Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH0081 - The Story and I – Finding the Form: A Practical Exploration of Storytelling
  • ANTH0083 - Experimental and interactive storytelling – Form and Narrative
  • ANTH0084 - Documentary Radio – a practice-based introduction
  • ANTH0100 - Biosocial Anthropology, Health and Environment
  • ANTH0102 - Ecology of Human Groups
  • ANTH0103 - Anthropological Demography, population and development
  • ANTH0107 - Introduction to Statistics
  • ANTH0131 - Key Ideas in Social Anthropology (Anthropological Theory)
  • ANTH0135 - History and Aesthetics of Documentary
  • ANTH0138/ANTH0139 - Practical Ethnographic and Documentary Filmmaking
  • ANTH0160 - Current Themes in Biological Anthropology (New)
  • ANTH0165 - Evolutionary Medicine 
  • ANTH0182 - Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH0189 - Practical Skills for Feature Writing in a Multimedia World
  • ANTH0190 - Writing about International Affairs
  • ANTH0192 - Anthropology of Sport (New)

Term 2 Options

  • ANTH0018 - Anthropology of Crime
  • ANTH0021 - Hunter-Gatherers Past, Present and Future (New)
  • ANTH0025 - Anthropology and Psychiatry
  • ANTH0034 - Anthropology and Photography
  • ANTH0044 - Human Behavioural Ecology
  • ANTH0045 - Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment
  • ANTH0056 - Anthropological Approaches to Eurasian Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies
  • ANTH0064 - Anthropology of the Built Environment
  • ANTH0067 - Design Anthropology
  • ANTH0077 - The Social Forms of Revolution
  • ANTH0106 - Anthropology of Development
  • ANTH0110 - An Introduction to Social Theory – a foundation course
  • ANTH0115 - Statistics II
  • ANTH0129 - Risk, Power and Uncertainty
  • ANTH0141/ANTH0142 - Practical Documentary Filmmaking (Lab-based)
  • ANTH0159 - Current Issues in Palaeoanthropology (New)
  • ANTH0161 - Current Themes in Evolutionary Anthropology: Applied Perspectives (New)
  • ANTH0185 - Extra-Terrestrial Anthropology (New)
  • ANTH0186 - Current Themes 1 in Medical Anthropology: Migration and Health (New)
  • ANTH0191 - Anthropology of Death (New)
  • ANTH0193 - Anthropology of War
  • ANTH0197 - Current Themes in Material, Visual, Digital and Design Anthropology (B): Mobile Phones (New)
  • ANTH0198 - Material Politics (New)