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Extension Policy

A student may request an extension to a submission deadline when circumstances outside the student’s control have arisen which prevent submission or are likely to result in significant underperformance if the original deadline is enforced.

1. Students must submit their request to the Undergraduate Coordinator (in the case of undergraduate students) or the Postgraduate Taught Programmes Officer (in the case of Masters’ students) or, in their absence in either case to Chris Russell. Requests must be submitted BEFORE the submission deadline.

2. Undergraduate Coordinator/Postgraduate Taught Programmes Officer can approve extensions of up to 5 (and exceptionally up to 10 working days).

3. The following are acceptable reasons for a request for an extension:

  • Short term illness;
  • Acute illness of any person for whom the student has a responsibility for care;
  • An enforced change in employment circumstances for which only short term notice was given.

Other mitigating circumstances are considered on a case by case basis.

4. The following are NOT acceptable for such a request:

  • Academic workload;
  • Misreading instructions or submission deadlines;
  • Computer, disc, printer or any other technical failure for which the student is responsible (students should keep a back up copy of all work);
  • Unauthorised absence from UCL (eg holiday taken during term time).

5. If approved a copy of the form approving the extension must be attached by the student to the submitted assignment.

NOTE: Course tutors, personal tutors , teaching assistants CAN NOT authorise extensions. If students ask for extensions they must be referred to Undergraduate Coordinator/Postgraduate Taught Programmes Officer.

NOTE: Undergraduate Coordinator/Postgraduate Taught Programmes Officer should keep a record of all extensions requested and given for the academic year in order that that

  • These can be taken into account at the medical evidence meeting;
  • Students with problems across the board can be identified and followed up;
  • Students who are mis-using extensions can be identified.

Long term extensions, multiple extensions, dissertation extensions

1. Long term extensions (for more than 10 days) must be approved by the Departmental Tutor (in the case of undergraduate students) or the relevant Masters’ Programme Tutor (for Masters’ students).

2. Multiple extensions when a student has fallen behind on work across the board for complex personal or health reasons must be referred to the Departmental Tutor/Masters’ Programme Tutor who will decide on appropriate extensions.

3. Dissertation extensions (other than in the case of a well-documented acute illness at the time of submission) must be referred to the Departmental Tutor/Masters’ Programme Tutor. Dissertation extensions will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

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