ANTH3052 - Primate Evolution and Environments

Term 2


The course has two parts. The first part provides required background knowledge:

  • An introduction to modern primates and their habitats;
  • Knowledge of the tools used to interpret the fossil record (time proxies, climate proxies, behavioural proxies);
  • An introduction to Cenozoic climate history and its causes.

The second part builds on this knowledge in order to:

  • Contextualise primate evolution (phylogenetically, chronologically, environmentally);
  • Generate an understanding of how major changes in environmental conditions have influenced primate evolution;
  • Discuss the role of modern humans as environmental factors influencing species and habitat diversity.
Taught by: Dr Christophe Soligo
Assessment: 1 Lab book 10% + 1 essay 2000 word 30% + 1 Open book take home exam (7 days, 3000 word) 60%
Student Contact Hours:
2 hour lecture + 2 hour seminar/practical per week. 1 day palaeontological field trip. - Timetable
Prerequisites: ANTH1014: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (ANTH1014B for Human Sciences students) or other appropriate biological background.
Option Type:
Biological Anthropology
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