Undergraduate Courses for 2017-18

Please note the link to each course goes to the online timetable.

1st Year Compulsory Courses

2nd Year Compulsory Courses

Turkana Basin Field School

  • ANTH3801 - Palaeontology and Paleoecology
  • ANTH3802 - Geology of the Turkana Basin
  • ANTH3803 - Ecology of the Turkana Basin
  • ANTH3804 - Archaeology of the Turkana Basin

Note: the four courses will be conducted at the Turkana Basin Institute in Northern Kenya, and have to be taken together and in Term 2 of the 2nd Year. In addition to return airfare to Nairobi there is an additional field school fee to participate (approx £4000 for all four courses + airfare).

2nd/3rd/4th Year Options

3rd/4th Year Compulsory Course

3rd/4th Year Options