UCL Anthropology


ANTHGH16 - Palaeoanthropology

UG Lecture; PG Seminar - Timetable

Dr María Martinón-Torres

The module presents the evidence for human evolution over the last 7 million years within a dynamic palaebiological frame. It reconstructs who our ancestors were, what they looked like and where they lived, to better understand how we came to be such peculiar apes. Lab sessions will familiarise you with representative fossils and the methodology and techniques necessary to interpret the fossil record. The weekly seminars will be strongly research-based, incorporating the latest findings, publications and debates in the palaeoanthropological field. You also have the opportunity to attend undergraduate lectures that introduce the different hominin taxa by addressing the key evolutionary milestones associated with human origins such as changes in type of locomotion, diet, body/size proportion, brain evolution and behaviour/culture.