UCL Anthropology


Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Anthropology Classroom

The department is housed in attractive and well-equipped accommodation, with state-of-the-art resources for palaeo-anthropology, ethnographic artefacts, audio-visual and other teaching.

The diverse resources available at UCL and nearby in London (e.g. British Museum, British Library) make UCL an appealing destination for students at all levels.

Teaching Rooms

The Daryll Forde Seminar Room and 5 classrooms in the Anthropology building offer an excellent teaching and learning environment that could help maintain the high quality and large number of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Paleoanthropology Computer Lab

Complementing our current selection of digital surface scanners, four new high-end computer workstations have been installed to allow staff, researchers and students the ability to conduct research on digital data. In particular these computers allow the processing and analysis of digital representations of the bones and teeth of fossil hominins and extant primates, which are derived from high-resolution micro-computed tomography.

Ethnographic Collection

The ethnographic collection is an integral part of the foundation of the Department of Anthropology by C. Daryll Forde in 1945, starting with a core coming from the Henry Wellcome collection. Designed to be used as a teaching collection, it includes more 1500 artefacts for all around the world, used regularly in lecture by members of the Material, Visual and Digital Culture section and by students enrolled in our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The Ethnography Collections

Digital Lab

A digital lab was installed as an essential contribution to our new Digital Anthropology MSc.