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The following centres show the practical application of interdisciplinary research conducted by members of UCL Anthropocene across departments.



The Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability (CAoS) is a research centre drawing together the wide range of work of international excellence that questions what social and environmental sustainability means in different global contexts. Anthropology at UCL, with its four-field approach (social, biological, medical and material) examines these unfolding processes of establishing multi-species liveability based on multi-disciplinary studies in a wide range of global contexts.

Our research examines the cultural and social dimensions of sustainability, on the interdependence of cultural diversity with biological diversity, on local and global understandings of the concept that challenge dominant views, and on lived practices around the world that exemplify how humans can become part of multi-species living arrangements that will endure well into the future.

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The Climate and Water Research Unit (CWRU) at UCL is a multidisciplinary network of scientists examining the interaction between climate and terrestrial hydrological systems and working together to address fundamental questions pertaining to the characteristics and dynamics of the global hydrological system and their consequences for our life-support systems.

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Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) is a situated, bottom-up practice that takes into account local needs, practices and culture and works with broad networks of people to design and build new devices and knowledge creation processes that can transform the world.

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