UCL Anthropocene



Discover the projects being led by members of UCL Anthropocene which highlight and address the urgent realities of the Anthropocene.

Research Centre: UCL Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability

The Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability is a research centre drawing together the wide range of work of international excellence that questions what social and environmental sustainability means in different global contexts. Anthropology at UCL, with its four-field approach (social, biological, medical and material) examines these unfolding processes of establishing multi-species liveability based on multi-disciplinary studies in a wide range of global contexts. Our research examines the cultural and social dimensions of sustainability, on the interdependence of cultural diversity with biological diversity, on local and global understandings of the concept that challenge dominant views, and on lived practices around the world that exemplify how humans can become part of multi-species living arrangements that will endure well into the future.


Exhibition: Objects of the Misanthropocene, a Time Travelling Exhibition of Insouciant Objects from the Museum of Beyond

This exhibition will form part of this year’s UCL Slade Scientist in Residence 2019-2020 projects. It is an experimental lab between IoA and the Slade, utilising speculative fabulation as a means of future making/world building, in testing the use of speculative design methods in heritage practice.

It aims to question the authority of museum exhibitions in truth production about past and future worlds by presenting a time travelling exhibition of objects from the future.

This temporary exhibition will provide a certain future perspective on our uncertain present. The archaeological and geological artefacts of the Misanthropocene will be fabricated (through a series of online Slade/IoA workshops May- October 2020) to reflect different predicted futures found in literature about the Anthropocene. These insouciantly fabricated exhibits will be presented as a selection of time travelling objects loaned from the Museum of Beyond in the University at the end of the longest pier in the world (this is one part of a larger speculative design project developed by Goldsmiths at Rhyl, North Wales).


Chronic Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa

Project: Chronic Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa

The project seeks to critically evaluate the history of what is viewed as an ‘epidemic’ of chronic and non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa and provide an historical account of the evolution of chronic and non-communicable diseases in Africa, going beyond a simple account of ‘transition’, and to contribute to wider debates on the nature of epidemiological change.


Project: Nature for SDGs

he Nature4SDGs project is a 2-year collaboration between academic institutions in UK, India and Sweden. They leverage multiple existing datasets on the relationship between nature and wellbeing, and how this varies for different types of people in varied parts of the Global South.

The aim is to support the delivery of Agenda 2030 by understanding trade-offs and synergies between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the challenge of sustainable development that leaves no-one behind.

Image courtesy of the SPACES project: www.espa-spaces.org.