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Professor Robert Mills

Academic position: Professor of Medieval Studies 

Department: History of Art 

Telephone number: 020 3108 4020 

Email: robert.mills@ucl.ac.uk 

UCL Website: Professor Robert Mills 


Bob Mills is a specialist in medieval visual cultures and literature, and currently completing on a project on questions of animality and the nonhuman in medieval art. Hes also interested in the long afterlife of ‘medieval’ as a category and recently turned his attention to the ways in which modern and contemporary artists have responded to and engaged with the period’s art and culture. Bob’s most recent book focused on the British artist Derek Jarman, using his longstanding engagements with the medieval past to open a window onto topics such as temporalities, queer ecologies, and ideas of apocalypse, environmental catastrophe and ruin.

Research Projects

Contributing researcher, Strange Creatures: The Art of Unknown Animals, UCL Grant Museum, March to June 2015. 

Derek Jarman’s Medieval Modern (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2018). 

Animals and the Politics of Life in Medieval Art (book manuscript in progress)


MA Special Subject: HART0137 Human and Nonhuman in Medieval Art (NB not being offered in 2020/21)