UCL Anthropocene


Professor Katherine Homewood

Academic position: Professor of Human Ecology

Department: Anthropology

Telephone number: 07740775949

Email: k.homewood@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Website: Professor Katherine Homewood


Human Ecology focuses on the two-way interaction between people and their environment, and the Anthropocene puts this centre stage. A major plank of the international response to Anthropocene climate change and biodiversity collapse focuses on natural resource management, especially conservation set-aside. The Human Ecology Research Group I convene draws together social and natural sciences researchers integrating interdisciplinary approaches to understanding impacts of environmental policies on rural land use, livelihoods and wellbeing, particularly around the global South. We work with local users, development agencies, civil society professionals and resource managers. We aim to encourage positive change in natural resource governance in ways that support poor peoples wellbeing alongside environmental sustainability. We seek to co-produce findings for local people to negotiate more effectively with state and entrepreneurs, eventually scaling up to influence state policies, investment and community-led management of natural resources, with local cases’ adoption of research-led policy ultimately leading to wider societal change.

Research Projects:

  • Poverty and Ecosystem Impacts of Tanzania’s Wildlife Management Areas (PIMA)

Recent outputs: 


ANTH0105 Resource Use and Impacts. PGT module, core course for MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development. Taught each year.