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Dr Nils W. Metternich

Academic position: Associate Professor 

Department: Political Science

Telephone number: 020 7679 4974

Email: n.metternich@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Website: Dr Nils W. Metternich 


I am currently Associate Professor at University College London in the Department of Political Science. My research focuses on the strategic nature of civil conflicts and the prediction of its dynamics. My most recent research interest focuses on how climate change influences conflict in urban rural areas, by impacting on economic inequalities and thereby conflict systems. This research seeks to understand and predict the (a) effect climate change has on conflict through economic inequalities and (b) explore societal conflict as a consequence of policies that drastically move away from carbon-based economies. This dual perspective allows researchers and policy-makers to anticipate and built conflict resilient societies in the face of climate change, but at the same time assess the consequences of policies that attempt to reduce the emission of green-house gases. This research makes a novel contribution to the literature on climate change and conflict by developing a theoretical and empirical multilayer network perspective on this relationship. 

Research Projects:

  • 2019. Research Proposal. Climate change, Inequality, and Societal Conflict in Urban Areas. 

  • 2019. Research Proposal. Conflict processes from above: Using high-resolution satellite imagery to identify the political economy of conflict.


International Peace and Security (PUBL0041): This course is an advanced introduction to the field of conflict and peace studies and focuses towards to end on the relationship between conflict and climate change.