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Publications from 01/01/03

For some of the publications, abstracts and/or texts are available (follow the links).

  • Abbracchio,M.P., Boeynaems,J.-M., Barnard,E.A., Boyer,J.L., Kennedy,C., Miras-Portugal,M.T., King,B.F., Gachet,C., Jacobson,K.A., Weisman,G.A. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Characterization of the UDP-glucose receptor (re-named here the P2Y14 receptor) adds diversity to the P2Y receptor family. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 24, 52-55.

  • Brouns,I., Van Genechten,J., Hayashi,H., Gajda,M., Gomi,T., Burnstock,G., Timmermans,J.-P. and Adriaensen,D. (2003). Dual sensory innervation of pulmonary neuroepithelial bodies. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology 28, 275-285.

  • Jagroop,I.A., Burnstock,G. and Mikhailidis,D.P. (2003). Both the ADP receptors, P2Y1 and P2Y12 play a role in controlling shape change in human platelets. Platelets 14, 15-20.

  • Burnstock,G. (2003). Series Editor, The Autonomic Nervous System. Volume 15. Autonomic Neuroimmunology. 1-392.

  • Bo,X., Jiang,L., Wilson,H.L., Kim,M., Burnstock,G., Surprenant,A. and North,R.A. (2003). Pharmacological and biophysical properties of the human P2X5 receptor. Molecular Pharmacology 63, 1407-1416.

  • Ziganshin,A.U., Khaziakhmetov,D.F., Ziganshina,L.E., Khaziakhmetova,V.N., Dgordgikiya,R.K. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Contractile activity of human greater saphenous vein mediated by P2 receptors (in Russian). Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 135, 23-25.

  • Greig,A.V.H., Linge,C., Terenghi,G., McGrouther,D.A. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Purinergic receptors are part of a functional signalling system for proliferation and differentiation of human epidermal keratinocytes. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 120, 1007-1015.

  • Ralevic,V. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Involvement of purinergic signalling in cardiovascular diseases. Drug News & Perspectives 16, 133-140.

  • Hoebertz,A., Arnett,T.R. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Purinergic signalling in bone resorption and formation by purines and pyrimidines. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 24, 290-297.

  • Coutinho-Silva,R., Parsons,M., Robson,T., Lincoln,J. and Burnstock,G. (2003). P2X and P2Y purinoceptor expression in pancreas from streptozotocin-diabetic rats. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 204, 141-154.

  • Burnstock,G. (2003). Introduction: ATP and its metabolites as potent extracellular agonists.In: Current Topics in Membranes, Vol 54. Purinergic Receptors and Signalling Eds E. M. Schwiebert. Academic Press, San Diego, pp.1-27

  • Burnstock,G. (2003). Purinergic receptors in the nervous system.In: Current Topics in Membranes, Vol 54. Purinergic Receptors and Signalling Eds E. M. Schwiebert. Academic Press, San Diego, pp.307-368

  • Brouns,I., Van Genechten,J., Burnstock,G., Timmermans,J.-P. and Adriaensen,D. (2003). Ontogenesis of P2X3 receptor-expressing nerve fibres in the rat lung, with special reference to neuroepithelial bodies. Biomedical Research 14, 80-86.

  • Bo,X., Kim,M., Nori,S.L., Schoepfer,R., Burnstock,G. and North,R.A. (2003). Tissue distribution of P2X4 receptors studied with an ectodomain antibody. Cell and Tissue Research 313, 159-165.

  • Greig,A.V.H., Linge,C., Healy,V., Lim,P., Clayton,E., Rustin,M.H., McGrouther,D.A. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Expression of purinergic receptors in non-melanoma skin cancers and their functional roles in A431 cells. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 121, 315-327.

  • Zhong,Y., Banning,A.S., Cockayne,D.A., Ford,A.P.D.W., Burnstock,G. and McMahon,S.B. (2003). Bladder and cutaneous sensory neurons of the rat express different functional P2X receptors. Neuroscience 120, 667-675.

  • Hillman,K.A., Harada,H., Chan,C.M., Townsend-Nicholson,A., Moss,S.E., Miyamoto,K., Suketa,Y., Burnstock,G., Unwin,R. and Dunn,P.M. (2003). Chicken DT40 cells stably transfected with the rat P2X7 receptor ion channel: a system suitable for the study of purine receptor-mediated cell death. Biochemical Pharmacology 66, 415-424.

  • Knight,G., Oliver-Redgate,R. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Unusual absence of endothelium-dependent or -independent dilatation to purines or pyrimidines in the rat renal artery. Kidney International 64, 1389-1397.

  • Coutinho-Silva,R., Stahl,L., Raymond,M.-N., Jungas,T., Verbeke,P., Burnstock,G., Darville,T. and Ojcius,D.C. (2003). Inhibition of chlamydial infectious activity due to P2X7 receptor-dependent phospholipase D activation. Immunity 19, 403-412.

  • Cheung,K.-K., Ryten,M. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Abundant and dynamic expression of G protein-coupled P2Y receptors in mammalian development. Developmental Dynamics 228, 254-266.

  • Turner,C., Vonend,O., Chan,C.M., Burnstock,G. and Unwin,R.J. (2003). The pattern of distribution of selected ATP P2 receptor subtypes in rat kidney tissue - an immunohistological study. Cells Tissues Organs 175, 105-117.

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  • Wynn,G., Rong,W., Xiang,Z. and Burnstock,G. (2003). Purinergic mechanisms contribute to mechanosensory transduction in the rat colorectum. Gastroenterology 125, 1398-1409.


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