Prof. Robert Unwin (Nephrology & Physiology,UCL) Purinergic signalling in kidney
Prof. Jean-Pierre Timmermans (Department Tandheelkunde, EmbryologieWeefselleer en Ontleedkunde, University of Antwerp)     Purinergic signalling in lung.
Dr. Linda Greensmith (Institute of Neurology)    Motor Neurone Disease.
Dr. Lori Birder & Prof. Chet de Groat  (Renal Division, Department of Medicine  

University of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia)

Purineregic signalling in lower  urinary tract
Dr. Fred Mendelsohn (Howard Florey Institute, Melbourne)         Neurodegenerative diseases
Dr. Tim Arnett (Anatomy, UCL)      Purinergic signalling in bone
Prof. Maria Abbracchio (Institute of

Pharmacological Sciences, Milan)                                   

 Purinergic signalling in astroycytes
Dr. Ken Jacobson (NIH, Bethesda)      Medicinal chemistry of selective purinoceptor agonistsand antagonists
Prof. Joe Neary (Department of Veterans Affairs, Medical Center, Miami) Purinergic signalling -second  messenger pathways.
Dr. David Erlinge (Lund, Sweden) and     Prof. Dimitri Mikhailides (Chemical Pathology, Royal Free)   P2 receptors and platelets.
Prof. David Grundy and Dr. Weifang Rong (University of Sheffield)                                                P2X receptor knockout mice and gut physiology