Literacy Seminars



Accordia/Institute of Classical Studies Literacy Seminar

A series of seminars on the theme of 'Language, Literacy and Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean' will take place in Semester 2, 2005. This aims to explore the role of written and spoken language in the formation of individual and group identities in the ancient Mediterranean.  It will explore issues such as the impact of literacy on emergent state societies,  the interaction of competing languages and literacies in the context of growing social complexity and cultural change, and the role of written and spoken language in the formation of individual identities or those of sub-groups below the level of the state.  It will also examine these aspects in the context of other cultural markers and will seek to evaluate the role of language and literacy within the context of the wider culture of the ancient world.

Time and Place

All seminars take place on Tuesdays, at 5.15, and are held in Room 331, Institute of Classical Studies. For further details, please contact Kathryn Lomas (


January 25th
Kathryn Lomas (UCL): Invoking Zeus. State, ritual and society in South-east Italy

February 1st
Graham Oliver (Liverpool): Self-recognition: Greek epigraphy and state identity

February 8th
Corinna Riva (Oxford): Inscriptions on Etruscan bucchero.  A form of gender identity?

February 22nd
Eddie Herring (Galway):  Priestesses in Puglia?  An archaeological perspective on the Messapic tabara inscriptions. 

March 1st
Zosia Archibald (Liverpool):  title to be confirmed 

March 22nd
Timo Sironen (Oulu):  The Identities and Literacy of the Sabellian Populations of Central and Southern Italy in the 5th-1st centuries B.C. 

April  26th
Tim Cornell (ICS):  title to be confirmed 

May 10th
Ruth Whitehouse (UCL):  title to be confirmed