Centre for Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine


LA Maximums App

Feel free to download and try out this iPhone app.

It is designed to work out maximum dosages of local anaesthesia that can be safely given either of one single type or in combinations.

I/UCL/UCLH accept no responsibility for dosage errors made using this application for clinical use as all workings should be cross checked using medical knowledge.

Instructions for installation.

The app requires an iPhone running iOS 4.3 or later.

Download and install Filemaker Go 12 for iPhone or iPad.  

Download the database app here from Safari on your Apple device (won't work direct from within twitter).

When the download is complete, your iPhone/iPad will ask you how to open the file, choose Filemaker Go. The app will automatically run.


Any problems please use the in built help button in the app.

If anyone has iPhone development experience and wants to help with this project, please contact me directly on uclhregional(at)gmail.com.