Centre for Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine


Research Fellows + Nurses

We ProvideCoordination and support for Anaesthetists doing a period of research or education at the 'Centre for Anaesthesia'
DirectorsProf Monty Mythen for Academic CCT's
ContactsRob Stephens or David Walker in the first instance

Dr Ramani Moonesinghe's Fellows Meeting: Alternate Tuesdays: 5:00pm Consultants room UCLH Fellows meeting: 

ALL Welcome

Previous talks and registered clinical trials



We provide a variety of fellowships in 

Perioperative Education  - Dr David Walker + Rob Stephens
Patient Outcomes + Quality Research -Dr Ramani Moonesinghe
Obstetric Anaesthesia - Dr Roshan Fernando
Pain Medicine - Dr Brigitta Brandner
Basic Science/Perioperative Medicine Dr Gareth Ackland
NeuroCritical Care - Prof Martin Smith
Hypoxia/Altitude - Dr Dan Martin

Whilst the start dates of some fellowships are set, others may be more flexible! We are always looking for great candidates to work with us. 

Research Nurses  
Laura GallegoParedeslaura.gallego[at]uclh.nhs.ukPerioperative medicine
Anna Reyesanna.reyes[at]uclh.nhs.uk Perioperative medicine

Research Fellows- please see the list in the 'people' page

Forms & other things


Appraisal : please fill in electronically + delete sections as appropriate and bring to the meeting.

School of Anaesthesia placement leaving assessment

Advice for fellows

Interviews with Mark Edwards and Steve Harris about life in Anaesthetic Research


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Writing up/UCL degreesClick on the link to get UCL's information and University of London on an MD Res
FundingSome of our fellows are funded by in programme posts, but others are funded by fruitful collaborations with the Princess Grace hospital and the London Clinic 
Ethics and GCP

 NPSA advice on ethics applications.  UCLH Good Clinical Practice Courses - all fellows should go on one!

Ms Anna jones 0845 1555 000 x 5196  is our contact for all research queries....in terms of R and D....