Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins


Sending Sample


Referral of non-UK samples
Our service for an overseas histology review and fibril typing is now chargeable at £1500 per case for whole sample processing and report. 
If you wish to proceed, please provide the following details to request fibril typing at the National Amyloidosis Centre’s Jack O’Neill Amyloidosis Diagnostic Laboratory by completing form. Please note payment must be received prior to sending the sample.

We have difficulty in returning stained slides and FFPE blocks overseas, due to regulations at UK customs; if you send the block for review at the NAC please can we have permission to store/keep it in our archive file to avoid samples being lost or destroyed.

Any further advice for amyloid typing must be discussed with one of our consultant staff on tel +44 (0)20 7433 2811 or Janet Gilbertson, janet.gilbertson@nhs.net   

Important information for Users:

To refer the samples to the National Amyloidosis Centre please send a covering letter and a copy of the histology report with the sample.

Sample Transportation
The Jack O'Neill Amyloidosis Laboratory is open from 9am - 5 pm Monday to Friday.
The reception desk is open from 9am - 5 pm Monday to Friday.
Send samples at room temperature, via special delivery, first-class post or a courier. 

All samples must be sent to the following address:

National Amyloidosis Centre
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust 
Pond Street,

Sample requirement:
Formalin Paraffin embedded diagnostic block, OR, 22 serial sections, one section per slide, on coated slides or equivalent, dried overnight at 37°C, 
CUT as follows:
1.    Section # 1 - 6 µm thick
2.    Sections # 2 – 13, - 2 µm thick
3.    Sections # 14 -21, 6 µm thick
4.    Section # 22 - 6 µm thick
5.    Please put sections in the middle of the slide

If only a small amount of material is available, please supply x9 6 µm thick sections.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT LABELS ON SLIDES – please use pencil or indelible ink for patient identification (Name) and sample number.

Sample Rejection Criteria:
• If the details on the sample does not match those on the external histology report or covering letter or the sample is unlabelled it will be rejected.

Sample Acceptance Criteria:
• Sample must be clearly labelled with patient’s full name and histology reference number.
• All samples must be accompanied by the corresponding histology report and covering letter with all clinical details of the patient. 

Testing Limitation:
• Inadequate material may not be sufficient for the laboratory to perform all tests required for histology. In exceptional circumstance proteomic analysis can be performed on stained slides but tissue will be destroyed in the process. Please discuss further.

NOTE for users: It is important that full contact details are provided on the request form, so that contact can be made if necessary and to allow the accurate and timely release of results and reports.