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Making sense of the past progress and present difficulties of the United States is a complex task. At the UCL Institute of the Americas, this is a challenge we relish and we are able to draw on the expertise of our faculty, affiliate members, and associate and visiting fellows, to create a vibrant and internationally renowned centre of learning on the history, politics and culture of the United States and its current public policy debate about the way ahead.

UCL Institute of the Americas operates as a hub for US Studies research at UCL. Its US specialists have particular expertise on twentieth century political history, presidential politics, and economic policy (Iwan Morgan), US political history, public policy, and sexuality (Jonathan Bell), foreign policy (Tony McCulloch) and twentieth-century US history (Dr Nick Witham).

In addition it has support from History department colleagues with expertise in nineteenth century political history, especially of the Civil War era (Adam Smith), US international history in the twentieth century (Alex Goodall), foreign policy (David Sim) and Hollywood films (Melvyn Stokes)

US Constitution

In addition to our MA in US Studies: History and Politics, the UCL Institute of the Americas provides opportunities to undertake research degrees on US historical and political issues. It is also home to the American Presidency Centre, which has a well established reputation for research and publication on this crucial political institution. Its fellowship programmes, its research events, and its extensive national and international links also help to make it an ideal place to study what is still the world’s most important country – and arguably its most fascinating one.

American Presidency Centre

Lincoln Statue

The mission of UCL-IA’s American Presidency Centre is to participate in the ongoing debate about the presidency and its role in both American and world politics. It will not only engage in research and teaching on the presidency but also promote and facilitate scholarly research through hosting seminars and conferences ... > More



Having emerged to world power status by 1900, the United States evolved over the next hundred years into the main actor in global politics and, with its Cold War triumph over the Soviet Union, had arguably become the sole global power by the end of the twentieth century... > More

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