UCL Institute of the Americas


AMER0067: The Caribbean in the Shadow of the North: Caribbean-US Relations in the Twentieth Century

***NOT RUNNING IN 2022/2023***


Module leader: Dr Kate Quinn

Credits: 15

Term: 1 or 2


The US presence in the Caribbean has been manifested in multiple ways: invasion, military occupation and covert operations; economic relations, development projects and experiments in education and social policy; and the penetration of American culture, value-systems, and consumer goods. Caribbean responses to the US presence have been equally diverse. Drawing on diverse primary sources and encouraging historical approaches that go beyond traditional top-down perspectives, the module explores how the Caribbean has negotiated this ‘singular intimacy’ with its northern neighbour. While the relationship has had profound consequences for the Caribbean, the direction of influence has been by no means one way.

Assessment pattern

Coursework (1,000 words)Coursework (CN01)  25.00Standard
Coursework (3,000 words)Coursework (CN01)  75.00Standard

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