UCL Institute of the Americas


AMER0066: Political Economy of Economic Development

***NOT RUNNING IN 2023/2024***


Tutor:  Dr Nestor Castañeda

Level: 5

Credits: 15

Term: 2

What kind of political institutions promote economic growth and equality? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand how the rules governing political interaction affect economic policymaking and outcomes. This course introduces students to the politics of economic policymaking in Latin America. It explores the political economy literature in an effort to understand how political institutions and actors affect economic outcomes. In particular, students will evaluate whether or not there are distinct and enduring institutional and political paths for sustainable and equitable economic growth. We will examine the following questions: How central is politics to equitable economic development? Why do some institutions promote better economic performance than others? Why do some governments redistribute more than others? Why do governments implement policies that hinder development?


70% Take-home exam (3 questions, 900 words each)

10% Group presentation (15 minutes)

20% Group report (2400 words)