UCL Institute of the Americas


AMER0060: Crime and Control in the Americas

***NOT RUNNING IN 2023/24***


Module leader: Dr Kate Saunders-Hastings

Credits: 30

Term: 1 & 2


This module takes an inter-disciplinary approach to examining criminal groups, illicit economies, policing and punishment across the hemisphere. Literature and case studies drawn from history, anthropology, sociology, criminology, and political science explores key themes and trends, including the social and historical construction of crime and deviance, the transnational drug trade, urban street gangs, cultures of incarceration, and the politics of policing. We will discuss historical, political, and social factors accounting for both regional variation and common patterns. Engaging with this diverse material, supported by workshops throughout the year, students prepare 10,000-word dissertations on a topic related to crime and control in the Americas. (This module can be linked to the dissertation for students writing a compulsory final year undergraduate dissertation, and will include a set of dissertation writing workshops.)

Assessment pattern

Written examination (3 hours)                        100%

NOTE: Assessment forms may change from one academic year to another. Please consult with the Teaching Administration Team