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Got an offer from us? Just applied? Thinking about applying? You can now schedule a call or a virtual meeting with one of our academics to discuss key questions you may have. Read on!

We would like to direct you to the most appropriate colleague, so do check in each entry who might be in a better position to help you with the subject of your question. The links will give you access to a colleague's scheduling tool or their e-mail so that you can request the slot that best suits you.

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UCL Institute of the Americas
  • General undergraduate and postgraduate admissions queries

  • History and Politics of the Americas BA

Dr Malu Gatto [via email here]

Dr Malu Gatto

Caribbean and Latin American Studies MA

Dr Kate Quinn [via email here]

Kate Quinn

Globalisation and Latin American Development MSc

Dr Néstor Castañeda [via email here]

Dr Nestor Castaneda

International Relations of the Americas MSc

Dr Par Engstrom [via email here]

Dr Par Engstrom

Latin American Politics MSc


Latin American Studies MA

Professor Kevin Middlebrook [via email here]

Kevin Middlebrook

United States Studies: History and Politics MA

Professor Gareth Davies [via email here]

Professor Gareth Davies