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Resources for prospective undergraduate students and offer-holders

Videos, recordings and documents from recent Q&A sessions, as well as brief introductions to some of our undergraduate modules*. We hope you will find them useful!


FAQ videos

Members of the institute's academic staff answer some of the most frequently asked questions from the various Q&A sessions we have held:

What are the career prospects of a graduate from the BA History and Politics in the Americas?

Dr Malu Gatto, Assistant Professor of Latin American Politics, and Hilary Moor, from the UCL Careers Service hold a career-specific session online

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How is an undergraduate essay different from what I have been writing for school? How to approach writing an undergraduate essay?

Dr Malu Gatto, Assistant Professor of Latin American Politics, tackles these questions in this brief video

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What's the best way to handle the weekly reading load? What to do if I'm having trouble understanding a particular article?

Dr Katherine Saunders-Hastings,  Lecturer in Latin American Studies

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What is the final year dissertation? How is it different from other independent work that I'll complete during my undergraduate degree?
Dr Nick Witham, Head of Department and Associate Professor of United States History
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What is critical thinking?

Professor Paulo Drinot, Professor of Latin American History

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Dr Nick Witham, our Head of Department, delivering a general talk on our BA History and Politics of the Americas programme during an UG Open Day 2019.

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and sharing with us his view on what it's like to study and work at UCL Americas
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Research interests and module overview videos

Some of our academics would like to offer a general overview of what their research is about and of the modules* they convene. We hope you will find them useful and encourage you to come and study with us.

Research interests

Dr Malu Gatto, Assistant Professor of Latin American Politics at UCL Americas, shares with us a brief overview of her areas of expertise and research interests.

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Module overviews

Professor Jonathan Bell, Professor of US History, gives us a brief overview of some the undergraduate modules he convenes:

AMER0046: Protest Politics in the USA from the New Deal to Trump (not running in 2022/23)

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AMER0064: Queer USA: The Politics of Sexual Minorities in the USA from the Great Depression to the Reagan Era
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Dr Malu Gatto, Assistant Professor of Latin American Politics, gives us a brief introduction to her module AMER0052: Gender, Politics, and Society in the Americas.

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You may also find the answers to some of your questions in the webpage below, provided by academic staff and current students: