UCL Institute of the Americas


AMER0004: From the Civil Rights Revolution to Obama: Race, Racism and the African American Freedom..

Module Convenor: TBC

(not running in 2018/19)


The module examines the enduring social construction of race and racism in the United States, and its impacts on modern African American experience and freedom struggles. Specifically, this course gives an overview of the civil rights movement in the South and North; Black Power ideology; African American life in the post-civil rights era; backlash politics and conservative ascendancy; racialized mass incarceration; and the presidency of Barack Obama. Against this backdrop, students will explore a number of gendered, classed and racialized issues including historical and contemporary tensions between federal and state powers, the impacts of globalization and neoliberalism, the continuing politics of racial inequality, and the prospects for black freedom struggles in the global age.

Introductory Reading

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