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Dr Eva Renon

Bringing the Firm Back in the Analysis: State-Business Relations in Latin America adn their Impact on Policies


PhD completed in 2021 | > UCL Discovery - open access


Professor Paulo Drinot and Dr Néstor Castañeda

Eva Renon
My thesis offered a theory of business organisation that redefines the forms of business organisation and their causes. It will be essential in understanding policy outcomes and how political systems respond to powerful private actors. During the wave of neoliberal reforms of the 1980s, the success of political efforts to create a more open economy depended on support from the industrial sector. Likewise, during the 2000s, the success of political efforts to create a more inclusive society with quality jobs led growth will depend on business actors' behaviour and support. My research redefines business organisation along two dimensions: the type of business organisation (macro-corporatist; cartels; pluralist) and whether business coordination is situational or stable over time. It uncovers two determinants: Costs of collective action and whether industrial policy is stable and consistent.