UCL Institute of the Americas


Dr Daniela Giambruno Leal

Anti-poverty Social Policies and Concerns for Social Justice in Neo-Liberal Times: A View from Below


PhD completed in 2019 | > UCL Discovery - open access


Professor Maxine Molyneux and Professor Paulo Drinot

Daniela Giambruno Leal
The purpose of this thesis is to explore the citizenship potential of the contemporary development, expansion, and institutionalization of social protection policies in Chile since the 1990s, specially targeted on “the poor” and “the vulnerable”. Chile constitutes a paradigmatic case study, considering its positive records in regards to the systematic reduction of poverty since 2000 as a result of anti-poverty policies, while at the same time keeping high levels of income inequality during the same period. Simultaneous and contradictory trends that by the middle of the 2000s onwards, has produced strong critiques about the lack of redistributive impacts of this anti-poverty agenda, questioning the residual character of social assistance policies, as well as the dual provision of social services based on the existence of public and private channels. A social critique focused on the stratified conditions of social integration and wellbeing prevailing in the country, something that implies, in practice, the constitution of citizens of a different class.

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