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Dr Morris is a Development Economist specialising in Latin America and the Caribbean. She worked as an investment analyst, receptionist, housing development coordinator, school teacher and further education lecturer before becoming a university lecturer in Development Economics. She has taught at London University's School of Oriental and African Studies, London Metropolitan University and London University’s Institute of Latin American Studies, as well as the UCL Institute of the Americas. She has also been Senior Editor/Economist, Latin America and Head of Country Reports at the Economist Intelligence Unit in London (1995-2008) and Country Economist for Belize at the Inter-American Development Bank (2014-17). Her most recent teaching includes 'Latin American Economics: Beyond Neoliberalism' and 'The Transformation of Cuba', and the Economics and quantitative components of 'Researching the Americas' and 'Globalisation and Latin American Development'. Since returning to UCL in 2017, she has been working to establish the UCL-Cuba Research Network.

Research interests

Dr Morris's research focus is on recent economic history and contemporary debates on the political economy of development, in Latin America and the Caribbean. She is currently working mainly on Cuba and the Caribbean. Her doctoral thesis (2012) was on Cuban economic policy and performance after 1990, and she continues to do academic research and write for academic and commercial publications. Current research is on sustainable development strategies – with a focus on energy and transport - in the region.


Peer reviewed publications

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Other publications include:

Ongoing: reports for the Economist Intelligence Unit, Oxford Analytica, Europa Yearbook and Latin American Newsletters.

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Selected media appearances

  • Cuba at a crossroads. A BBC Sounds The Real Story podcast with Dr Emily Morris as a member of a panel to discuss Cuba's recent protests | July 16, 2021
  • Dr Emily Morris interviewed by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF FM4 Radio on Cuba's anti-government demonstrations | July 14, 2021
  • Emily Morris joins Beverley O'Connor (Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABCNews The World) to discuss the ongoing situation of unrest in Cuba. Link to video here. | July 13, 2021
  • Emily Morris for TRTWorld Money Talks on recent demonstrations against Cuba's regime. Link to video here. | July 12, 2021
  • Emily Morris interviewed about COVID-19's impact on Cuban economy. Listen to BBC Radio 4 'The World Tonight' | June 12, 2020

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