Dr Paulo Drinot

Senior Lecturer in Latin American History


Prior to coming to UCL, Paulo Drinot taught at the Universities of London, Manchester, Leeds and Oxford. He studied economic history at the London School of Economics as an undergraduate and read for an MPhil in Latin American Studies and a DPhil in Modern History at Oxford. He is co-editor of the Journal of Latin American Studies.

Research interests

Paulo Drinot's main research focus is the history of Peru in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His thematic interests include labour history and state formation, racism and exclusion, gender and sexuality, the social history of medicine, and memory and historiography. His current projects include a monograph on prostitution, venereal disease and state formation in Peru, c. 1850-1950, an edited collection on the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces (1968-1975) in Peru, and an edited volume on comics and collective memory in Latin America.

Current teaching

Dr Drinot currently teaches The Making of Modern Latin America: History, Politics, and Society, which introduces students to key issues in the history and historiographies of the region, and Histories of Exclusion: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, which explores processes of racialised and ethnic exclusion in Latin America in historical perspective. He contributes to team-taught courses such as Researching the Americas: Latin America and the Caribbean. He also teaches, at undergraduate level, a course titled Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary.

Dr Paulo Drinot
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Dr Drinot currently supervises the following PhD dissertations:

  • Maria de Vecchi Gerli: Enforced Disappearances in Mexico (joint primary supervisor with Prof Kevin Middlebrook)
  • Thomas Maier: The Shape of the State to Come: The Social Imagination of the Welfare State and the Transnational Dimension in Argentina, 1930-1952 (primary supervisor)
  • Daniel Willis: The Testimony of Space: Exploring Sites of Violence and Memory in Peru's Internal Armed Conflict (primary supervisor)

Recently completed PhD students:

  • Sarah Fearn: Finding Voice at Last? Institutional Continuity and Change and Indigenous Politics in Peru (subsidiary supervisor - with Prof Kevin Middlebrook)
  • Sam Kelly: Ethnicity, Race, and Racism in Contemporary Peruvian Politics: Elections, Stereotypes and Public Images (subsidiary supervisor - with Prof Kevin Middlebrook).
  • Carmen Sepulveda Zelaya: The Legal and Political Battles Behind the Distribution of Emergency Contraception in Chile under Ricardo Lagos (2000-2005) and Michelle Bachelet (2006-2010) (subsidiary supervisor – with Prof Maxine Molyneux).

Dr Drinot welcomes applications from students interested in PhD research in the following areas:

  • Labour and working-class history 
  • History of gender and sexuality 
  • History of race and ethnicity 
  • History of medicine and public health 
  • History of commodities 
  • Historiography 
  • Memory and memorialization 
  • History of state formation 
  • History of social policy

Publications and working papers


Forthcoming La Patria Nueva: Economía, Sociedad y Cultura. A Contracorriente Press. Edited book.

Forthcoming The Peculiar Revolution: Rethinking the Peruvian Experiment Under Military Rule, 1968-1975. University of Texas Press. Co-editor with Carlos Aguirre.

Forthcoming Comics and Memory in Latin America. Pittsburgh University Press. Co-editor with Jorge Catalá Carrasco and James Scorer.

2016 La seducción de la clase obrera: Trabajadores, raza y la formación del Estado peruano. Instituto de Estudios Peruanos/Ministerio de Cultura

2015 La Gran Depresión en América Latina. Co-editor with Alan Knight. Fondo de Cultura Económica.

2014 Peru in Theory. Editor. Palgrave (Studies of the Americas).

2014 The Great Depression in Latin America. Co-editor with Alan Knight. Duke University Press.

2011 The Allure of Labor: Workers, Race, and the Making of the Peruvian State. Duke University Press.

2010 Che's Travels: The Making of a Revolutionary in 1950s Latin America. Duke University Press. Editor.

2006 Historiografía, identidad historiográfica y conciencia histórica en el Perú. Editorial Universitaria Ricardo Palma.

2005 Más allá de la dominación y la resistencia: estudios de historia peruna, siglos XVI-XX. Instituto de Estudios Peruanos/Ministerio de Cultura.

Selected journal articles and book chapters

  • 2014 'Foucault in the Land of the Incas', in Paulo Drinot (ed.), Peru in Theory, New York: Palgrave, pp. 167-190.
  • 2014 'Introduction: Peru in Theory', in Paulo Drinot (ed.), Peru in Theory, New York: Palgrave, pp. 1-18
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