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Professor Hal Philip Klepak

Hal Klepak is Professor Emeritus of History and Strategy at the Royal Military College of Canada. He has his BA Honours International Relations from McGill University and his MA and PhD in History from the University of London. He has served as Strategic Analyst at both National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa and with NATO Headquarters in Brussels, initially specializing in the Middle East but then moving on to a greater concentration on Latin America.

Dr Klepak has also taught at College militaire royal de Saint-Jean, Oxford University, Queen's University, and l'Universite de Montreal. He serves as consultant on inter-American Security Affairs to the Commander of the Canadian Army and in a series of posts as consultant to the Canadian foreign and defence ministries, international organisations and academic boards.

His most recent books are 'Raul Castro: estratega de la defensa revolucionaria de Cuba' (Buenos Aires, Le Monde Diplomatique, 2010 {English version Palgrave/Macmillan July 2012}); 'Cuba's Military 1990-2005: Revolutionary Soldiers in Counter-revolutionary Times', New York, Palgrave/Macmillan, 2005), and 'Confidence Building Sidestepped: the Peru-Ecuador Conflict of 1995', Toronto, York, 1998)