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Fernando Gutiérrez to speak at international symposium on urban heritage

30 April 2021

Alameda Central in Mexico City

UCL Americas PhD candidate Fernando Gutiérrez will be delivering his paper Experienced-Heritage and historic public spaces: Everyday life in the Alameda Central in the Urban Heritage session, part of the Spring Symposium on Heritage Justice on May 7 2021. This international symposium is organised by the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS). More details of this multidisciplinary online symposium here

Fernando is currently pursuing his PhD studies at UCL Institute of the Americas. The title of his research project is Attachment and memory: urban regeneration and the Alameda Central in Mexico City’s historic centre. He is working under the supervision of Professor Paulo Drinot and Professor Ann Varley (UCL Department of Geography) as primary supervisors and Dr Kate Saunders-Hastings as secondary supervisor.


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[top] picture of the Alameda Central square in Mexico city © F. Gutiérrez

[bottom] Fernando Gutiérrez