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Paul J. Angelo publishes report on stabilising plan for Venezuela

25 September 2020

In this report, UCL Americas alumnus Paul J. Angelo lays out a plan for stabilising the security environment and implementing transitional justice in a post-Maduro Venezuela.

Paul Angelo report on Venezuela

It is currently unclear when—or how—Nicolás Maduro will leave power,  but Paul J. Angelo argues that planning for a transition is critical to shaping a democratic future for the country. He calls on the U.S. government to leverage its resources and influence to build trust with the Venezuelan people, ward off potential external spoilers, and marshal international support to achieve these goals. “Only after it has revived institutions to credibly deliver security and dispense justice,” he writes, “could Venezuela restore democratic governance.” The report is available in full online here.

Paul Angelo is currently a fellow for Latin America studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He gained his PhD at UCL Institute of the Americas in 2019, under the supervision of Professor Kevin Middlebrook and Dr Kate Saunders-Hastings as secondary supervisor. 


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