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PhD student Mercedes Crisóstomo's article published in prestigious Latin American journal

5 September 2019

The Institute would like to congratulate Mercedes Crisóstomo for the publication of her article ‘Memories between Eras: ANFASEP’s Leaders before and after Peru’s Internal Armed Conflict’ in the prestigious journal Latin American Perspectives.

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During Peru’s internal armed conflict (1980–2000), many women formed associations of relatives of victims to demand truth, justice, and reparations. The Asociación Nacional de Familiares de Secuestrados, Detenidos y Desaparecidos del Perú (National Association of Relatives of the Kidnapped, Detained, and Disappeared of Peru—ANFASEP) was the first of these organizations. Accounts by its leaders of their early lives challenge the stereotypes of them employed in previous studies and point to changes in their senses of identity in the post conflict period. Their memories are part of the development of a self-narrative in which new rationales emerge and they are led to question the validity of the characterization of them as poor, illiterate, dependent women unaware of having rights.

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About the authour

Mercedes Crisóstomo is a PhD student at the UCL Institute of the Americas. Her PhD looks to examine the role that violence plays in shaping relations between rural women and the state in Peru before, during and after the internal armed conflict.