MSc International Relations of the Americas
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Undergraduate Modules

UCL students registered in other Departments (for example: History, Geography, Spanish and Latin American Studies, etc.) can take undergraduate elective modules here at UCL-Institute of the Americas (UCL-IA).

To give yourself the best chance of taking your preferred courses, you are advised to investigate your options and the registration procedures carefully by contacting the host department and the Institute of the Americas as far in advance as possible.

Modules available 2013-2014:

HIST7361 Race and Resistance in Black Atlantic Thought (Fall 2013) with Dr Kate Quinn
HIST7362 Histories of Exclusion: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, c.1800-1950 (Spring 2014) with Dr Paulo Drinot
HIST7355 Richard Nixon and Watergate (Spring 2014) with Prof Iwan Morgan
AMERG3001 Environmental Issues, Movements and Policies in the Americas (Spring 2014) with Dr Graham Woodgate

Assessment varies from module to module, please see details under each specific module.

All inquiries about undergraduate modules at UCL-IA should be directed to the Post Graduate Officer, Ms Laura Tunstall:


Phone: 020 7679 9746

Internal extension: 09746