AMERG037: Environmental Issues, Movements and Policies in the Americas


Course tutor: Dr Graham Woodgate


This is a ten-week transdisciplinary survey course that investigates historical and contemporary case studies of landmark environmental issues, movements and policies from the Americas. The precise topics to be studied change from year to year depending on current issues and student interests, but the following is an indicative list of potential themes: Historical perspectives on environmental change in the Americas; The Colombian Exchange; The Plains Indians and the westward expansion of the U.S.; the U.S. romantics and transcendentalism; Gaylord Nelson, the first Earth Day and the EPA; Climate change, forests, and forest policy in Canada and Brazil; The race for the Arctic; Agrarian social movements, agroecology and food sovereignty in the Americas; Small Island States and climate change – lessons from the Caribbean; National parks and the aation: a comparison of the US and Mexico; Natural resources and indigenous territories; Atlantic forests and Andean glaciers: environmental change in South America.

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