MSc International Relations of the Americas

This exciting and innovative programme embraces courses on both North and Latin America, with compulsory study of both regions. It focuses on inter-American and on Latin/North American global relations. The course will combine breadth with (especially in relation to the 15,000 word dissertation) the depth appropriate for this level of study.

Expanding on various University priorities, including internationalisation and student engagement with policy practice the programme will provide a detailed and systematic understanding of the International Relations of the Americas both with regard to inter-American relations and relations with the world beyond the Americas. It is intended to provide contemporary and historical perspectives on the International Relations of the Americas and to situate this empirical knowledge within general theories of international relations and foreign policy analysis. The programme aims to introduce students to skills essential for the analytic study of the International Relations of the Americas and assessment of the hemispheric and global issues currently facing foreign policy-makers in the nation-states of the Americas.

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