AMERG034: The Making of Modern Latin America: History, Politics, and Society

Course convenor: Dr Paulo Drinot


This course introduces students to key themes and debates in the history of Latin America since Independence until c. 1980. Some of the themes and debates to be considered include (may vary from year to year): the causes and consequences of Independence; the economic and political instability of the post-Independence period and the nature of caudillo rule; the persistence of slavery and the causes and consequences of slave emancipation; the rise of Latin American export economies; British informal imperialism; US economic and cultural expansion and influence; class, gender, and race and the making of ‘national’ identities; the rise of ‘populism’ and the social and economic consequences of ‘mass politics’; social revolutions; and authoritarianism and military rule.

Weekly topics:

1. Introduction

2. Independence

3. Postcolonial Predicaments

4. Slavery and Emancipation

5. Liberalism and the Indian Question

6. Neocolonial Orders

7. Race and Nation

8. Enter the Masses

9. Revolution

10. Times of Fear

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