AMERG041: From Skid Row to Obamacare: The Politics of Social Welfare in the United States since 1900

Term 2 (Spring Term)

Course Convenor: Prof Jonathan Bell


In this course we will examine the development of a welfare system in the United States, and ask why it took the shape that it did. We will examine the vitally important role the private sector has played in fashioning a social safety net in the US, not least in terms of health care. A study of the complex web of public and private health, retirement pension, unemployment insurance, family assistance and disability schemes sheds light on wider processes of class, racial, gender and sexual politics that will form a central part of the course. We will also place the US social welfare system in wider comparative perspective and will consider theoretical debates about the nature and purpose of public welfare and private charity in an industrial and post-industrial world.

Introductory Reading

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