Indian and Peasant Politics in Latin America: Amazonia

Professor Stephen Nugent , Goldsmiths


This course is concerned with some of the key issues in the emergence of new forms of Indian and peasant identity and politics in Brazilian Amazonia. Against a background of colonial history, ethnohistory and ethnographic studies, the course considers contemporary movements in light of new configurations of power. Detailed themes include cultural identity and memory of the past; the impact of development programmes and globalization; eco-politics; debates over citizenship and democracy; indigenism and re-readings of the past; ecological politics. 

Introductory readings

  • A. B. Anderson (ed.), Alternatives to Deforestation (New York, 1990)
  • A. C. Roosevelt (ed.), Amazonian Indians from Prehistory to the Present (Tucson, 1994)
  • H. Collinson (ed.), Green Guerrillas (London, 1996)
  • D. Goodman and A. Hall (eds.), The Future of Amazonia (London, 1990);
  • S. Nugent and M. Harris (eds) 'Some Other Amazonians'; M. Heckenberger, The Ecology of Power
  • S. Ranford and J. Rocha, Cutting the Wire.