UCL Alumni


Communicating with your community

Great communication is the first step to keeping fellow alumni around the world up-to-date with all of your brilliant events and activities. You can get creative with keeping in touch – take a look at our guidance below and read about the successes of other alumni groups.

Alumnus taking a photo of a Jeremy Beartham graduation toy

1. Planning and posting content 

Regular digital communication is important for keeping our UCL alumni communities engaged and informed. We recommend:

  • Posting on the channels you run at least twice a month 
  • Encouraging engagement through planned activity or asking questions
  • Highlighting relevant UCL content for the region e.g. case studies, videos, academics from the country 
  • Promoting your activities, as well as UCL activities where relevant 

Keep an eye on the UCL News and UCL Events feeds for stories and activities to share with your community.

2. Channels to use

The right social media platform for your communications depends on what is popular in your location and what platforms your members use. Some channels aren't available in certain locations and different age groups prefer particular platforms. Here are some suggestions:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • WeChat (China)
  • Weibo (China) 

3. Branding your communications

As UCL’s logo, portico icon and the letters ‘UCL’ are registered trademarks, they must not be used, recreated or modified without permission.

Our branding guidelines (PDF) apply to all groups and networks globally and show how the UCL logo must be used in a variety of situations, including presentations, materials and merchandise. 

4. Our top tips for great communications

Creating and sharing valuable content: 

  • Set out to educate, inspire or entertain 
  • Answer genuine questions and fulfil a real need 
  • Be generous in sharing the content of others too 
  • Understand what will work for your audience – imagine what they would like to engage with
  • When posting from an event, take the time to find out if there are any specific event hashtags 
  • Exercise caution when using text on images in your posts. Make sure the text is very bold and easily read, and re-state your message in the copy of your post for accessibility 

Writing social media posts: 

  • Be concise and clear 
  • Use active language 
  • Address your audience 
  • Ask questions to create a conversation 
  • @mention people and companies where relevant and possible 
  • Consider sharing relevant links to websites, articles, YouTube videos and blogs
  • Use #UCLalumni

Using images:

  • Make sure images are high-quality and engaging
  • You shouldn't use images that are subject to copyright - for free-to-use images, try Unsplash
  • If you're posting images from an event on social media, we strongly advise that you inform event attendees that you intend to share images in which they may feature and give attendees the option to not be included