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Sahava Baranow, one of UCL's Social and Wellbeing Volunteers, shares her digital culture recommendations.

UCL alumna Sahava Baranow

My name is Sahava Baranow and I completed a BA in History and an MA in Museum Studies at UCL. Right now I am working in the library sector as I prepare for my PhD in Japanese History next year. When I have a spare moment I like to read for pleasure, indulge in a yoga practice or bake – right now I am rediscovering the opulent pastries of my native Austria.

If you are anything like me, going to the museum, theatre or a concert used to be a well-established part of your life. For me, participating in the local cultural scene creates a feeling of connectedness while also allowing me to have new experiences and grow as an individual. In other words: seeing exhibitions, plays or operas has a noteworthy positive impact on my mental health.

Now that a majority of us are only able to leave our homes rarely and for our most pressing needs, this outlet has been removed from our routines. Nonetheless, many institutions have found ways to stay connected with their visitors even while their physical locations remain closed