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Connecting UCL alumni and students, the FREE online careers mentoring network is an easy way to talk to experienced graduates about your next career steps.

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Mentor Support

Mentor Support

Thank you for your interest in becoming an alumni careers mentor. We hope this will be the start of a long and fulfilling role. Below you will find some information about alumni careers mentoring, including some useful hints and tips.


The Alumni Mentoring Network is a web based facility through which students and recent graduates (mentees) can contact UCL alumni (mentors) to gain an insight into the realities of working in specific professions.

Alumni mentors can give mentees informal guidance about certain jobs, sectors and professions based on their own experiences in that career field.

Alumni can access the system and opt to become a mentor through registering for the Alumni Web Community. Students can only access the mentor part of the site using their standard UCL student ID and password.

Once logged in, a student or recent graduate 'mentee' can search for an alumni mentor using the following criteria:

  • Field of work
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • UCL course
  • UCL graduation year

A student or recent graduate mentee can then contact alumni mentors fulfilling their search criteria by using a proxy email address.

Further Information

Level of Commitment

It is thought that mentors spend no more than 1 hour a month advising mentees who have contacted them. You are free to commit more of your time if you would like to. Contact will be made by email in the majority of cases, but you may then prefer to have a telephone conversation or arrange a meeting.

Time Period

You may need to provide support and guidance to a mentee over a period of time.  It is helpful to the mentee if you can be clear how much time you can devote from the outset of contact.

Mentoring suggestions (intended as guidelines only)

  • Generally gain a sense of the mentee's goals in their career search
  • Share with them the realities of your profession to give them an insight into the field 
  • Explore the mentee's motivation for his/her chosen field, encouraging him/her to gain exposure to a professional environment through volunteer work, internships and shadowing
  • Help the mentee develop work skills and work with your mentee to accomplish specific goals
  • Suggest the mentor accesses additional resources such as subscribing to industry magazines or attending industry fairs/lectures
  • Only advise within your personal experience and be honest with the mentee

Lack of Contact

The UCL Alumni Mentoring Network is a new system which is being widely promoted throughout the alumni and student communities. Naturally with a new service this can take a little time to catch on.  Therefore you may find you experience few enquiries at first, especially if you work in a niche area. We are confident that mentors will receive a steady stream of requests for help once they system has been running a few months.

Opting Out

If you no longer wish to be a mentor, you can unsubscribe via the Update your Details section of the Alumni Web Community - simply unclick the box on the Mentor Details section.  Please allow 48 hours for your details to be removed.

Mentor Support

Briony McArdle, Alumni Relations Manager, is dedicated to helping UCL alumni careers mentors and can help with any queries you may have about mentoring. Email: alumni@ucl.ac.uk Telephone: +44(0)20 3108 3833. 

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