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Archived Notices


Posted 22 July 2008

David Walton  (Italian 1960) writes:

"It is recorded that the Spanish composer Enrique Granados lost his life 'at sea' in 1916 due to an act of war. From that point all references in programme and record notes, the internet, and wartime news reports get confused in a tangle of fairy stories as to what actually happened, when and where.

Recently, and for the first time, two books appeared in the USA about this composer; one a scholarly account, the other a novel.The authors concerned got me to help them in researching details for their work; and a third, engaged in producing a new edition of the piano works of Granados, encouraged me to write a formal account of his last journey from New York to the depths of the English Channel, as a work of reference. He said that in the USA everybody believed that Granados was one of the victims of the 'Lusitania'!

This has now been done, with all lies and inaccuracies erased and fresh details confirmed or discovered. I hope this will be of general interest, as well as to students of music, languages and history. My work has been published in elegant form by the Iberian & Latin American Music Society (ILAMS) and contains photographs, a reproduction of the Admiralty Chart, and translations of the text into Spanish and Catalan.

As it has been privately published, the Society needs to charge £10 per copy to cover costs (all revenue goes to help the work of the Society).If anybody or any organisation would like to order a copy (or even join the Society!) please refer to the Society's website at www.ilams.org.uk for details."

Posted 2 July 2008

Sarah Taylor (nee Butler) (Zoology, 1964) has initiated a number of projects over the years, in her adopted hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

The current one, which she began about two years ago, is to promote the building of the world’s first freshwater wind farm, on Lake Erie, offshore from Cleveland. She created this web site, http://windustrious.org, and encourages all, from whatever part of the world, who are supportive of this latest step forward in making use of renewable energy, to sign on as Champions for the cause.

Sarah Taylor sarah@windustrious.org

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