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US East Coast alumni reunite

28 July 2022

For the first time in two years, UCL graduates on the US East Coast came together in person between 31 May-7 June at events in New York, Boston and Washington D.C.

The UCL New York Alumni Club Committee

Image: The UCL New York Alumni Club Committee

With over 22,000 alumni based in the United States, these events proved an invaluable opportunity for UCL’s international alumni community to connect with old friends and new, build professional networks and meet with university staff and senior leaders.

Reaching new heights in New York

On 7 June, guests, who graduated from UCL between 1 and 72 years ago, attended the New York Alumni and Friends Reception 2022 for our first in-person alumni reception in the US since the start of the pandemic.

We were also delighted to be joined by prospective students who will be arriving at UCL in September, providing an opportunity for alumni to share their UCL experiences and insights into the life-changing impact that studying at UCL can have.

While enjoying panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, attendees heard from guest speaker Dr Julie Norman, Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations and Co-Director of the Centre on US Politics (CUSP) at UCL, about whether democracy can prevail in a rapidly changing world. Dr Norman examined some of the most pressing democratic challenges facing the US and the UK, including ongoing priorities such as global health and climate change.

Dr Julie Norman

From tackling economic inequality with the Open Society Foundations to the UCL Friends & Alumni Association’s dedicated support for research, education and innovation, at UCL our transatlantic relationships play a crucial role in enabling us to confront society’s greatest challenges and create true global impact. In his first visit to the United States as UCL President & Provost, Dr Michael Spence closed the evening’s speeches, saying:
“The importance for a university like UCL, of building and strengthening our friendships, partnerships and relationships in North America cannot be underestimated.”

Bolstered by alumni groups such as the UCL New York Alumni Club, the support, advice and advocacy from our US alumni community plays a critical role in ensuring UCL’s success as a leading global university. "UCL has a deep commitment to excellence and our US alumni are key to securing that," Dr Spence went on to say.

UCL President & Provost Dr Michael Spence

View the photo album from the event.

Reunions in Boston and Washington D.C

Prior to the celebrations in New York, 70 alumni joined alumni socials in Boston and Washington D.C.

On 31 May, UCL Boston Alumni Group (one of a growing number of alumni groups in the US) brought UCL alumni and prospective students from across the Boston area together to hear the latest news from London and connect with local contacts.

Ali Hanyaloglu (UCL MEng Chemical Engineering 1996) who attended the social said: “The UCL Alumni Relations team have done a great job of bringing together new joiners and alumni, so we can give advice to those about to start their time at UCL (which tended to start with which UCL/ULU bars to go to!) and for them to expand their support network while they are somewhere new. Such a great evening!”

Taking over one of the best rooftop bars in D.C., the UCL Washington DC Alumni Group and UCL Alumni Relations organised an evening of drinks, canapés and networking on 1 June.

“It was great to see some old friends from UCL alumni activities and to meet several new people. I’m glad that there is a lot of enthusiasm for the UCL alumni community here and for getting back out post-pandemic,” said Scott Pedowitz (UCL MSc Economics 2008).

From historic walking tours of the city to networking events with speakers, the UCL Washington DC Alumni Group has created a vibrant local alumni community. Discover how co-lead Diana Copeland is taking the Group from strength to strength.


As London’s global university, UCL has a wealth of alumni groups across the world that regularly host fun and inspiring activities. If you want to connect with other alumni in your region, we can help you find groups and clubs near you. Visit our alumni groups page to find out more.

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