• UCL currently has 136 alumni living in Colombia.
  • Stay in touch with fellow alumni in Colombia and find out about the group’s upcoming activities on their facebook page, Twitter feed and LinkedIn group.

Past Events

Pre-Departure event 2015 - Thursday 16 July 2015

The UCL Colombia Alumni group did it again this year! Over 10 alumni and new students enjoyed an exciting evening. Ideas and questions were shared in order to send off our future students as ready and enthusiastic as possible to their studies in London. Conversation ranged from visa applications, bank accounts and transport to finding accommodation and the city's cultural diversity. 

The occasion's highlights also included unexpected events that made it even more fun. A father attended for his daughter who could not be there as she was living abroad, a Bolivian alum coincidentally run into a friend and an alumna met a student whom she had talked to about UCL a year earlier.

Colombia PreDeparture Event 2015-2016

Pub Quiz - 28 May 2015

We came back this year with the traditional Pub Quiz. 10 teams of UCL and other British universities' alumni joined the fun with family and friends. Over 10 universities competed - Oxford, Warwick, Cambridge, Newcastle, Leicester, among others. A great time was had by participants, all of whom couldn't get enough of answering questions that ranged from art to geography to the beat of British pub music.

An exciting evening came to an exciting end. Teams with UCL alumni among its members were the big winners of the Pub Quiz. The first prize went to 'The Vaccines' - a basket of international beers and British snacks, as well as mugs with the message 'Keep Calm and love UCL Alumni Colombia' printed on them. Team 'Quirquinchos' received a fine bottle of whiskey for being the most enthusiastic team of the evening. We look forward to seeing everybody again in next year's Pub Quiz!

Colombia event July 2015




Pub Quiz7

UCL Colombia Alumni Association event in support of UCL Philanthropy Month - 19 February 2015

UCL alumni took over Parque de la 93 in Bogota on Thursday 19 February to celebrate UCL's Philanthropy Month. The evening began at the pub where the first round of Jeremy Bentham selfies took place. Alumni, friends, and of course Jeremy, marched from the pub to the sound of our very own bagpiper. At the British themed location 'London Calling', the group enjoyed an entertaining night of spreading the word about UCL and Philanthropy Month, where we were joined by many interested onlookers and even their pets! Spontaneous conversation between people meeting for the first time as well as the chance for familiar faces to reunite proved for an unforgettable evening, where everyone went home knowing a little bit more about UCL and our unique spiritual founder.

A great time was had by all who attended, and we look forward to the next meeting!

UCL Alumni & Friends Reception Bogota - 21 January 2015

hosted by The British Ambassador in Colombia, Lindsay Croisdale- Appleby

UCL Alumni in Colombia had a fun night on 21st January, in the company of our special guest Pro Vice Provost, Professor Alejandro Madrigal. He joyfully reminded us of the lovely accommodation and food we all used to have during our time at UCL, which obviously contributes to the unique experience of studying abroad.

The event would not have happened without the help of the British Embassy, who hosted the event at the British Embassy residence. The British ambassador, HE Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby, gave an insightful speech on the UK's strengths and potential contribution to Colombia, while the president of the alumni association, Pamela Gongora, reminded us the reasons for wanting to be part of the group.

The great start of the year is sure to raise the bar for events this year! Follow our Facebook page to find out more!

Pub Quiz - 6 November 2014

We closed the year in rather high spirits with a quintessentially British tradition – a Pub Quiz. The event was a great success and is sure to stay on for the next year. UCL and other British Universities' alumni took on the challenge with their friends and families. The raucous occasion was most animated by LSE's presence, whose team proved to be the most competitive of all!

Six rounds of questions, in both English and Spanish, covered tricky topics from geography to history. Participants made their greatest effort to win, and came up with ingenious answers like ‘Cuban Libre’ for the question ‘Which southern Caribbean island is also the name for a liquor?’ Legendary comments from our contestants include ‘Casablanca is not a city.’ The last round of dancing questions brought the event to a climax as Colombians showing off their great talent trying to win double points by dancing to both Scottish and Caribbean music.

Team ‘Los Benthamins’, obviously the UCL team, won the first prize – a basket of international beers.

Pre-Departure event 2014 - Thursday 31 July 2014

The UCL Colombia Alumni group hosted a drinks night to send off our future students. 30 new students attended the event and met with 15 alumni. The new students are going to a diverse range of graduate programmes, ranging from law, history, urban design to mathematics. The opportunity to talk to alumni helped them understand more about the different aspects of living in London. They learnt about how to open a bank account, the mobile operator options and the best ways to look for accommodation. Some of them got a sneak peek at the academic life at their departments, while others got to meet some fellow Colombian friends before arriving in London.

RedBrit's Mix & Mingle Annual Event / Thursday 5 June 2014

UCL co-hosted Colombia's British University Alumni Network's (RedBrit Colombia) event of the year. The Mix & Mingle Annual Event was hosted at Restaurante Rural (Cra 6 No 67 – 63) in Bogota.

More than 115 British universities alumni attended the event. The proceeds went towards the RedBrit Scholarship to Latin American Excellence, a supplementary grant awarded to a Colfuturo beneficiary of a 2014 graduate programme in the UK.

UCL Alumni Forum on Urban Development and Inclusion- Friday 4 April 2014

The UCL Colombia Alumni group hosted it's first academic event in Bogota, in conjunction with UN’s World Urban Forum in Medellin. 

More than 40 people came to the Luis Angel Arango Library, one of the most important libraries in Latin America, to learn about urban development and inclusion from three urban planning experts, and mingle with like-minded individuals over wine and nibbles.

Julio Dávila, the director of Development Planning Unit (DPU) at UCL, discussed the impact on Medellin’s social development by first Cable Propelled Transit system in South America, and analysed the benefits and costs of a similar project in Soacha, Bogota.

Juan Pablo Bocarejo, Director of Regional & Urban Sustainability Studies at University Los Andes, evaluated the unequal access between different social groups and income segments in Bogota.

Mónica Villegas, director of Bogotá Como Vamos, an NGO studying the quality of life in Bogota, gave an account of Bogota’s residents’ perceptions of the economy and social issues from recent surveys.

UCL Alumni  Colombia Welcome Event in honour of Lindsay Coisdale-Appleby, British Ambassador to Colombia - 2 October 2013

The British University Alumni Network "RedBrit" launched their first event in order to welcome Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby, the British Ambassador to Colombia on 2nd October 2013 at La Puerta Grande in Parque 93 in Bogotá. The night kicked off with a speech from the UK Ambassador and Dr Roberto Junguito, the ex-Finance Minister of Colombia. Alumni from numerous other British Universities including Oxbridge, LSE & UMIST attended the event. 

Other guests include; the Financial Times Andes correspondent Andres Schipani (Oxford), Director of CERAC (Conflict Analysis Resource Centre) Jorge Restrepo (Cambridge & Royal Holloway), The Colombia Central Bank Gold Museum director Maria Alicia Uribe (UCL)

UCL Alumni  Colombia Drinks at the Monkey House, 6 September 2013

A small group of alumni from the UCL Alumni Colombia Group met for informal drinks at the Monkey House, Bogota, on Friday 6 September.

UCL Alumni  Colombia Drinks - 5 July 2013

A small group of alumni from different disciplines including the Urban Planning department, Economics, Archaeology & History of Art, gathered at the Monkey House for the first in a series of alumni drinks in Bogota on 5 July 2013.

July 2013 drinks

UCL Alumni Reception, Bogotá, 30 October 2012

On Tuesday 30 October 2012 UCL held the first ever alumni reception in Colombia at the Hotel Porton, Bogota. The event was hosted by Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost (International) and Professor Alejandro Madrigal, Pro-Provost for The Americas who updated those present on UCL's projects in Latin America and plans for the future.

Guests were also privileged to hear from Tony Regan, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Bogota, who welcomed those to the event and emphasised the importance of the links between Colombia and the UK.

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