Shanghai Contacts


For the latest information on alumni activity in Shanghai and to connect with fellow alumni visit the WeChat group 'UCL_Alumni_CN'.

Past Events

Shanghai Annual Party, 11 January 2015

120 alumni and guests were joined by Professor Xiao Guo, UCL Pro-Provost China, who shared the latest news and developments from UCL.

Thank you to Mr. Li Zengli (UCL Laws 2000), Partner at Deheng Law firm and Mr. Zhao Deming (UCL Laws 1999), Partner at HaoLiWen Partners, for part sponsoring this event.

Shanghai Group Launch Event, 8 December 2013

The new UCL Shanghai Alumni successfully launched on Dec 8th 2013 in Le Royal Merdien Hotel, Shanghai, China. We are honored to announce that over 150 alumni/guests joined the event, which is far more beyond our expectation. We would like to thank all the alumni who joined the event. Especially, Professor Guo and Dr. Feng, who contributed great into our event by sponsoring together with the UCL alumni office and giving out very good speeches on the topics including: news of the UCL, the upcoming effort UCL will put in Mainland China, competitiveness of the UCL alumni, and etc.

Launching event is just an opening show. We will continue to organize different kinds of activities including academic lectures, seminars, sports, parties, travelling and etc. Please stay in tune with the Shanghai alumni board.

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